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"My company has employed Jose's services throughout various stages of different development projects to aid in the marketing, management, and design of various projects. He is an invaluable asset who is able to understand and put to work efficient and productive business campaigns that meet the time and economic goals of our company."

- Guillermo Alvarez

"Jose is one of the most innovative people I know. From creating his own networking website, promoting social interaction in the Miami area, to building a home trading office in which he can act on the market efficiently; he has not ceased to impress me. He has always had a nitch for great ideas.

If there is one aspect of Jose's ideology that I have taken into my professional work is to look at each business opportunity as potentially GROWTH FORMING: he attacks an opportunity with the proper mental attitude and analyzes the possibility of its yield, then he plays his cards tactically. I have seen first hand the result of his decisions and they have resulted in great gains.

Jose is an honest and trustworthy individual and any organization would be lucky to have him."

- Aran Matheus

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